Top Most Popular Days to Announce You Are Engaged

Couple at the beach shaka

Well, it's engagement season once again and millions of couples are about to announce their engagements to their families this holiday season. Here are the top most popular days to announce your engagement.

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • The Day Before Thanksgiving
  • Christmas Day
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year's Eve
  • New Year's Day
  • Valentine's Day

Why do so many couples get engaged between Thanksgiving and New Year’s?

Of 10,000 engaged couples surveyed, it is found that 31% thought Christmas Eve was the best day of the year to propose. Another 7% opted for Christmas Day, 2% chose Dec. 26, and 18% said New Year’s Eve was the optimal date for proposals.

Now, I know that many couples choose Thanksgiving as their day of choice. Usually Thanksgiving is a time when all the families come together to celebrate, and what better time for you to announce to your parents, siblings, and in-laws that you have decided to finally set a date and get married?

Proposals today are largely a symbolic gesture, and so they feed off the symbolism of the holiday season. You’re symbolically creating this new family, and what better time to tell everyone than during the holidays.

More bridal magazines are sold between Thanksgiving and New Year's... 

Thanksgiving is the first of such holiday, and is a great time because most folks have more time off to spend together. After you tell them, you have countless hours of talking with your mom and sisters about your wedding plans, bride's maid choices, dresses, venues, colors and all that goes with your wedding plans. More bridal magazines are sold between Thanksgiving and New Year's as soon to be brides look for that perfect wedding dress, study wedding etiquette, when to send out invites, cake flavors, seasonal color schemes and more.  This is a great time to think about having a destination wedding. 

A destination wedding not only brings together your families in an exotic location, but if often a way to keep the guest count down to the most important of family and friends. A destination wedding is also often less expensive than even a wedding at home. You are going to spend money on a honeymoon anyway, why not combine the wedding with your honeymoon plans? And the memories that you take home with you having all your family and friends to share it with.

This is where we come in. Hawaiian Island Weddings takes nuptial arrangements to new heights. They have 30 different wedding packages to choose from on four different islands in Hawaii. Weather you want to said "I Do" on a secluded beach at sunset, or amidst a gorgeous Hawaiian chapel, they have just the venue you have imagined.

Hawaiian Island Weddings takes nuptial 
arrangements to new heights.

Simple Beach Wedding Packages

Being married on the beach is by far the most popular way for most couples coming to Hawaii to be married. Not only are beach weddings more affordable (since you don't have to pay for a private site and all that is required is a Beach Wedding Permit, that we will provide), there is, almost always, great weather in Hawaii and the sunsets can be spectacular! We offer simple beach weddings on Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and the Big Island or Hawaii. See all of our simple beach wedding packages.

Private Site Weddings

Many couples come to Hawaii to be married in the more traditional way, with a formal catered reception following, with music, DJ, dance floor, the works. You'd be surprised how much cheaper this can be here in Hawaii than on the mainland. The first thing you will have to consider, aside from time and date of course, is where to have your wedding celebration. Fortunately, there are a number of Oahu and Maui Wedding Venues to choose from. Some locations will handle smaller groups, like 30, and others are able to host groups of 200 or more. Since we have the local knowledge and expertise, and we have handled all the intricate details for many couples for the past 25 years, you can rest assured that your wedding venues at a private estate, restaurant, golf course, or tropical garden will be handled completely and competently. As we say, "picture perfect".

Wedding and Honeymoon Packages

One of the major concerns for your wedding will be where to stay of course, fortunately, Hawaii has many fabulous resorts and hotels for your wedding and honeymoon here in paradise. These top resorts offer all of the amenities you expect with 5 star service and gorgeous ocean views. From beauty and spa services, to Mai Tais by the pool, you'll will be impressed with the Hawaiian hospitality and aloha spirit shone upon you at these top resorts - no kidding! We have nine wedding and honeymoon packages to choose from, ranging from condominiums, to hotels, to private luxury villas, located on Maui, Oahu, Kauai and Hawaii. When you combine your wedding with your honeymoon and rental car, you will see that it's a more affordable option and it's like getting your wedding free. Each of these properties have been specially chosen by us (and we had to stay at every one to ensure the quality), to provide exceptional service, quality, and, of course, beautiful views.

Just send us the details and we will send you a complete no-obligation quote.


Pew Research Center Survey

Following @madebykathryn
A few highlights on the question of service refusal in a revealing study, powered by @SurveyMonkey. Here's the full report. But I'll thread to save speed readers the work. madebykathryn.com/wp-content/upl

I came across this tweet put forward by Kathryn Hamm stating the results of the study done by the Pew Research Center and concluding that:

Majority of Wedding Professionals (67%) believe businesses should be required to serve same-sex couples

I think that the stats they used and missing a point here. I'm playing the Devil's advocate here a bit, as we do believe in, and cater to, same sex couples for their weddings in Hawaii,. But, I don't believe that vendors should be "required" to serve same-sex couples.  We all know that the right for LGBTQ couples to be legally married is new, and not without it's controversy, but we can't assume that everyone in the wedding industry has to go along with it. Now, if I was a baker who makes wedding cakes, I wouldn't even see how it's remotely affecting me that I make a cake for a gay couple. But, I do see that ministers and photographers & videographers, who are more closely working with the couple on an emotional and very personal level, should easily be able to politely refuse to provide services for their wedding.


I know a number of photographers who have been photographing weddings for decades, there are also many who are "old school". They have an art to capturing the love between a bride & a groom, they specialize in it, they relish in it, they get off on it even. How, if some of these photographers are "required" to take photos of, let's say, two men kissing, and they really can't get into the excitement of photographing that, should they be mandated to service that couple? I'm not even talking about a religious conviction here, it's a human conviction that the photographers are conditioned, for many years, to get amazing shots of both men and women as they pledge their love to each other. Photographers & videographers should have the option to opt-out of performing services if they don't feel it's in their best interest, they don't feel that their artistic capabilities are best served, of if they just don't feel comfortable with it.


Perhaps surprisingly, a majority of the ministers I know are very happy to preside over same sex weddings. I say this, because when the Hawaii Governor's decision to legalize same-sex marriage came down in 2013, I polled all of our ministers/officiants (about 20) to see if  they wanted to opt-in or opt-out of performing same-sex marriages. Most of them said they would perform gay weddings. A few said that they would not under any circumstances marry gay couples for their Christian stand on the sanctuary of marriage between a man and a woman. Obviously, this was very important for us when scheduling officiants for our couples weddings. We also had to ask couples, especially when it wasn't obvious, if their wedding was a same-sex wedding?  Some couples, who's names were like: Terry, Robin, Francis, Pat, etc. understood why we had to ask them. Some others may have been a little taken-aback.


Most of the Dj's I know, I know about 10 of them, don't have an issue with providing services a same-sex celebrations. Although, if they did, they should not be required to do so.

In Conclusion

Although the study shows that 67% of wedding professionals believe businesses should be required to serve same-sex couples, I do not believe that they realize that you can't just make everyone be required to service same-sex wedding couples.

Kathryn is also co-author of the groundbreaking book, The New Art of Capturing Love: The Essential Guide to Lesbian and Gay Wedding Photography. Follow her on Twitter @madebykathryn.


Sheri & Christopher's Dream Maui Wedding

Sheri's haku head piece

Sheri & Christopher

Aloha! See Sheri & Christopher's Hawaiian Island Wedding at Palauea Beach in Wailea, Maui. Features include images by Tim Clark, Sheri & Christopher, who were visiting from Eugene Oregon, exchanged their vows with a Hawaiian style ceremony presided over by Kahu Kamuela Rodrigues. Sheri decided to wear a very colorful haku head lei, for a even more Hawaiian feeling, while Chris donned a very special Hawaiian maile leaf lei. Sheri & Christopher also opted to have only one guest for their intimate ceremony on the beach. The couple stayed at the Sugar Beach Resort in North Kihei, just a short drive to this special beach. They had always dreamed about a Hawaiian destination wedding/honeymoon. 

Link to the photos

Photography Tim Clark
Coordination Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc.
Officiant Kahu Corey "Kamuela" Rodrigues
Flowers & Decor Kihei Wailea Flowers by Cora

Taffi & Patrick's Hawaiian Island Wedding at Palauea Beach

Taffi & Patrick

Taffi & Patrick shaka

Aloha! Join us for Taffi & Patrick's Hawaiian Island Wedding at Palauea Beach in Wailea, Maui. Features include beautiful images by Tim Clark, Taffi & Patrick, who came from Henderson, Nevada, exchanged their vows with a Christian ceremony by Pastor Bob McCollor. Since it was Tuesday, their were very few people on this seculded Maui beach at sunset. Taffi & Patrick also opted to have music during their ceremony and celebrated with a small intimate cake & beverage on the beach. Although they were staying in Ka'anapali, they had no proble coming to this special spot in Wailea. They did not wish to bring any guests with them for their destination wedding/honeymoon. 

Link to the slideshow

Photography Tim Clark
Coordination Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc.
Officiant Pastor Bob McCollor
Music Louise Alborano
Cake Maui Wedding Cakes
Flowers & Decor Kihei Wailea Flowers by Cora

Ruth & Scott's Maui Beach Wedding

Ruth & Scott's Maui Beach Wedding

Ruth & Scott's Wedding jump

Aloha! Join us for Ruth & Scott's Hawaiian Island Wedding at Palauea Beach in Wailea, Maui. Features include gorgeous images by Tim Clark, Ruth & Scott exchanged their vows with a special Christian ceremony by Pastor Bob McCollor on a beautiful Maui beach at sunset. Ruth & Scott live in West Virginia and stayed at the Sands of Kahana Resort. They did not wish to bring any guests with them for their destination wedding/honeymoon. 

Link to the photos

Photography Tim Clark
Coordination Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc.
Officiant Pastor Bob McCollor
Flowers & Decor Kihei Wailea Flowers by Cora

Leaetta & Lewis 10 Year Renewal of Wedding Vows

Leaetta & Lewis 10 Year Renewal of Wedding Vows

Leaetta & Lewis Renewal

Aloha! Join us for Leaetta & Lewis's Hawaiian Island Wedding Renewal at Palauea Beach in Wailea, Maui. Features include gorgeous images by Tim Clark, Leaetta & Lewis celebrated their 10 year anniversary by renewing their vows on a beautiful Maui beach at sunset. The couple live in Orange Park, Florida and stayed at the Royal Lahaina Resort. They did not have any guests for their second honeymoon celebration. 

Link to the slideshow

Photography Tim Clark
Coordination Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc.
Officiant Rev. Charlie Hull
Flowers & Decor Kihei Wailea Flowers by Cora


Day-Of Wedding Coordination


A lot of couples have been asking us about Day-Of Wedding Coordination. We specialize in this type of wedding coordination as well as making all the arrangements ourselves. The cost for Day-Of Wedding Coordination varies depending on what is required. Please call us for a quote.

We have done Day-Of Wedding Coordination at the following Maui venues:

The Plantation House Restaurant
The Cliff House
The Hyatt Regency Resort & Spa
Lahaina Ocean Front Inn
Punakea Palms
Panoramic Paradise
Olowalu Plantation House
Maui Tropical Plantation
The Gardens at Haiku
The Mill House
Sugar Beach Weddings
Gannon's Restaurant
Molokini Lookout
Mulligan's On The Blue
Makena Ocean Front Estate

Here is what you can expect.

Prior To Event
  • Visit venue one month prior to wedding date
  • Make a comprehensive event schedule for ceremony and reception
  • Review event schedule and wedding plan one month prior to wedding date
  • Contact all vendors and provide them with updated event schedule
  • Make marriage license appointment for bride and groom
  • Site visit (or rehearsal) with couple prior to wedding date
  • Wedding rehearsal coordination based on preset ceremony event schedule
  • Provide excellent customer service throughout the planning process
  • Provide through attention to detail before and during the event
  • Advise couple of proper wedding and reception etiquette
  • Provide concierge services for couple
Day Of Event
  • Provide at least two professional on-site wedding coordinators during the event
  • Provide assistance for vendors set-up and locations as per site layout
  • Greet and advise guests upon arrival
  • Manage vendors ensuring contracted services are fulfilled
  • Distribute flowers for the wedding event (floral set-up is additional)
  • Receiving and proper refrigeration of cake
  • Provide an amenities kit including a first aid kit, tissues, tape, scissors, sewing kit, lighter, fire extinguisher, safety pins, pens, markers, mosquito repellent, ribbon, basic tool kit, zip ties etc.
  • Direct the flow of events based on event schedule
  • Direct the wedding party processional and recessional based on your pre-set plan
  • Assist with setting up approved decorations (guest book, programs, menus, seat cards, favors, table numbers, seat chart, cake cutting set up)
  • Ensure all gifts, personal effects and decor items are ready to go at the end of the event
  • On site wedding coordination from 2 pm to 11:00 pm
After The Event

  • Direct last dance and last drink timelines
  • Direct guests to transportation
  • Breakdown wedding site, reception decorations and signage (not including arches  and tents)
  • Empty trash or provide for trash to be hauled away
  • Clean kitchen, house & restrooms
  • Replace any moved furniture
  • Remove all drinks, personal items, cake, beverages etc. from house.
  • Help move tables. chairs or other rental items to proper approved areas
  • Make sure all vendors have followed rules with respect to disposal of trash, ice, etc.
  • See guests off the property to their transportation
  • Provide for alternate transportation for any guests who are not fit to drive




Here is a little about Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc.

  • We have been in business here in Maui for 25 years
  • We have arranged over 3021 weddings & events.
  • We perform weddings on all four major islands.
  • We have over 30 wedding packages to choose from, and 10 wedding & honeymoon packages.
  • We have over 200 wedding professionals we have used on our vendor list.
  • We have a 5.0 star rating with Yelp & Google and a 4.8 star rating with Wedding Wire.
I've often wondered how to rank  wedding companies to find out where we stand. Rather than how many weddings each one does, or how much money they make (which is impossible to find out and doesn't really determine how good they are).

So, I've looked at the WeddingWire Bride's Choice Awards, which are awarded annually to the wedding company who has the most 5 star reviews in the year. Most all serious wedding companies are listed with WeddingWire and understand it's importance. The Bride's Choice Awards are given to the top 5% of wedding companies, each year there are only a handful that receive it. Here is a list of wedding companies throughout all of Hawaii that have received it.

These listings are alphabetical. So, I figured that if you ranked these by how many reviews they have total, you could come up with a ranking. Now, just because they have more reviews doesn't mean they are better, it was one way to ranking them. Using this strategy, for the winners this year (2018 Awards), for All of Hawaii, Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc. come in #16, and for Maui alone, #8.

As you know, there are probably 100's of companies & hotels that do weddings in Hawaii, no one can pin down the exact number as there are new one's everyday and some go out of business each year. We can be pretty certain that we are among the top 20 wedding companies in Hawaii and perhaps the top 10 in Maui.

We feel really good about that, and give 100% of ourselves to our wedding couples, see what they are saying in our Reviews.

Aloha, Tim