Marriage License Appointments

When you arrange a wedding with us, we will arrange your licensing appointment for you and provide you with the all the information: date, time, & maps from your hotel to your licensing appointment.

Marriage license may be obtained Monday - Saturday on Maui, and Kauai and Monday - Friday on Oahu and Hawaii. We will schedule your marriage license appointment usually the day after you arrive (providing that day is one of the dates above for the island you are visiting). You can obtain a marriage license and be married the same day. Marriage licenses are usually issued in the morning. Your wedding coordinator will let you know all the information about your license appointment before you arrive. Information will also be faxed to your hotel upon your arrival which will give you all the information you will need up until your wedding.

Maui Weddings

If you are being married on Maui, an appointment with an independent marriage license agent will be arranged ahead of your arrival. We use two marriage license agents, which one we arrange will depend on where you are staying as follows:

If you are staying in the Lahaina, Kaanapali, Napili, or Kapalua area (Upper West Side) we will arrange your marriage license with Sherilynn Takushi at 181 Lahainaluna Road Suite K, you can contact her at her office at 808 661-9696.
See a map to her office Here.

If you are staying in the Maalaea, Kihei, Wailea, or Makena area (South Maui) we will arrange your marriage license with Cynthia Wolf at 2561 Omiko Place in Kihei, you can contact her at her office at 808 875-8459.
See a map to her office Here.

Kauai Weddings

If you are being married on Kauai, an appointment with either an independent marriage license agent or at the State Building will be arranged ahead of your arrival. Depending on where you are staying or day of the week we may arrange your appointment at either the State Building in Lihue (M-F), or with an independent marriage license agent in Kapaa.

Usually we will arrange your marriage license at the State Building in Lihue at 3060 Eiwa Street Room #106, you can contact their office at 808 274-3100.
See a map to the office Here.

Hawaii Weddings

If you are being married on Hawaii (the Big Island), an appointment at the Governor's Office in Kona will be arranged ahead of your arrival. Appointments are only Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM. It's very important to be on time for your marriage license appointment at the Governor's Office in Kona.

We will arrange your marriage license appointment at the Governor's Office in Kona at 75-5722 Kuakini Avenue Suite 215 located in the Kuakini Tower
See a map to the office Here.

Oahu Weddings

If you are being married on Oahu, we cannot make a marriage license appointment for you ahead of time. Marriage licenses are issued on a first come basis at the State Building in Honolulu. Business Hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

Please obtain your marriage license at the State Building in Honolulu located at 1250 Punchbowl Street on the corner of Punchbowl and Beritania Street downtown.
See a map to the office Here.

The following is required to obtain your marriage license:

Identification for both of you – Drivers License or State I.D.

Cash Payment of $65.00 that will be paid directly to the licensing agent.

Mothers Maiden Name & State of birth; for both of you.

Fathers Name and State of birth; for both of you.

If you do not know this, you would state “unknown”.

If you have been divorced in the last 18 months prior to your wedding you need to bring your divorce decree with you.

If your divorce was finalized beyond 18 months to your wedding, you just need to know when and where the divorce was finalized.

Hawaii Weddings

Reprinted from Getaway Australian Travel Program

Hawaiian Island Weddings Traditional Hawaiian Maui Wedding

See the complete video

The romantic Hawaiian Islands are the perfect place for an unforgettable honeymoon. In fact, the climate, ocean, sand, sweet smelling flowers and grand hotels have made the islands the world's number one honeymoon destination. Many couples go for the wedding ceremony, too, and then just slide into honeymoon mode.

Hawaiian Island Weddings is a company with 30 wedding packages to choose from, catering to all tastes and wedding fantasies. Owners Tim and Sheri Clark have 25 years of wedding planning experience and are experts in Hawaii's wedding industry. They can make a dream wedding come true by sourcing everything you want — cake, flowers, photographer, even the marriage licence.

Traditional Hawaiian weddings are full of fanfare. Handmade feather standards (royal kahilis) are carried in a procession. A conch shell is blown in all directions to summon the gods and begin the ceremony. Musicians and the graceful hula tell the story of the couple in song and dance. The Hawaiian Wedding song is always played, as well as two pieces of music chosen by the couple. Ministers are non-denominational and marry all faiths.

Flowers are also traditional — maile leaf lei with fragrant tuberoses for the groom and a three-strand lei of tuberose, pikake and white ginger for the bride, as well as a cascading bouquet. They can arrange flowers for the rest of the wedding party — nosegays, corsages, bouquets, boutonnieres, hair flowers and head leis.

The Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort, on the pristine Mikapu Beach, is large and luxurious with 16 hectares of lush gardens and waterfalls and views of the 3048-metre high Mt Haleakala crater. While you can exchange vows on the beach or in the gardens, most couples prefer to use the beautiful Seaside Chapel. It is white with a high, pitched roof, bell and clock tower, 17th-century chandeliers and magnificent stained-glass windows, set among palms and manicured lawns.

A wedding package at the Renaissance includes the honeymoon suite with champagne, chocolate-dipped strawberries and a flower-filled bath. You can even have a his-and-hers massage on the edge of the beach.

One of the more unusual wedding locations is 50 metres underwater in a submarine! Atlantis is a comfortable and spacious air-conditioned submarine, capable of diving into the habitat of exotic sea creatures and natural coral reefs.

Couples board a boat at Lahaina Harbour for a 10-minute cruise to the submarine. The ceremony takes place in front of a large viewing portal at the bow of the craft in front of up to 40 guests.

For a wedding totally out of the ordinary and one that takes the worry out of choosing the right wedding dress, couples can have a totally nude wedding on Makena's Little Beach. That's right, everyone, even the minister, is in their birthday suit!

Around three kilometres south of Wailea, Makena has two of the island's prettiest beaches. Fine soft white sand and some excellent body-surfing attracts nature lovers in the real sense of the word. Topless and nude bathers head there in droves and between 8am and 5pm a stream of couples arrives to be married on Little Beach.

Hawaii's beautiful year-round tropical climate means couples can marry at any time of year and makes optional clothing easier to cope with. Around 30,000 couples tie the knot there every year.


Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands.


Hawaiian Island Weddings can organise a wedding from around $875 US.
Please note that the prices listed are valid at the time of filming.

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Vow To Be Different

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Hawaiian Island Weddings Submarine Maui Wedding
How deep is your love? Rent a submarine from Hawaiian Island Weddings. The Atlantis will take you, your partner and up to 40 guests 45 m underwater where, at the bottom of the ocean, you can tie the knot (presumably a sailor's knot). The deal costs $5,495, and includes in-sub entertainment from a hula dancer and Hawaiian singer. See Submarine Maui Wedding

Finding a Wedding Coordinator

Written By Tim Clark

Why do I need a wedding coordinator to arrange my Maui wedding? Why can't I just arrange the whole thing myself? How hard can it be?

If you want, you can make all of the individual arrangements for your wedding in paradise. All it takes is about a week off work, studying a variety of websites, printing them out and evaluating the vendors you would like to perform at your wedding. Then you have to call all of them and check their references, ask them about their availability on your date, pay them each a deposit so you can be assured that they will show up, and hope that you made the right choices.

Some folks even take a scouting vacation 4-6 months ahead to talk to their photographer, musicians and bakers, scout possible locations and sign all the contracts needed. If you have the time and money to do this, that's great! But how many of us have that luxury?

Then there is your wedding day - now you have to call the photographer to make sure he will be at your hotel at the proper time to get your pre wedding portraits taken, rush out to pick up your dress from the presser, go to the flower shop and pick up your bouquet and leis for your guests, show up early for your hair & make-up appointment at the salon, make sure that you have your license and your rings, and get to the wedding site in time to tell your guests where to go. After you have been running around all day, you're exhausted. Then the worst possible thing happens... it starts to rain! Your beautiful beach wedding is unraveling around you. The musicians say that they won't take their instruments out in the rain and that they need an indoor location to play, the videographer isn't taking his $30,000 digital camera out in the rain because it will stop working in high humidity, your beautiful silk gown is getting ruined, and your hair is a mess after you just spend $175 on the hairstylist!

What are you going to do? You can't postpone the wedding, your minister is not available any other day this week and your reception is all planned and paid for! You didn't think it was going to rain, you thought is was always bright and sunny in Maui in June. You didn't plan an alternative indoor rain location, and now it's too late. Your guests are upset, your vendors won't work, and even your groom is having second thoughts.

Everyone is crouched under a tree saying, "She should have hired a Wedding Planner". But you thought, "How hard can it be to arrange my own wedding in Maui?".

There are a number of qualified, prepared, and experienced wedding coordinators in Maui who would have been able to fix your wedding disaster. They would have made all the arrangements, coordinated all the vendors, flowers, and reception. On your wedding day you could have been having your pedicure out by the pool while sipping on Champagne without a care in the world. If you are considering arranging your own wedding in the islands, GOOD LUCK! Why don't you just hire a wedding planner who can do it all for you. Make sure that they know what your wishes are and guarantee that they can produce your wedding - come rain or shine.
See Maui Wedding Package

A Word On Marriage

Many people today feel that it is a form of bondage to tie themselves down to one mate. But what does God have to say on the subject?

From the beginning of the creation God made them male and female. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife. They twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Mark 10:6-9

From the beginning God intended man and woman to be joined together as a team. The Lord God said, It is not good that the man should be alone: I will make him an help meet (fit) for him. Gen. 2:18

They are no longer two separate individuals, but one. Physically, through the sexual act, but on a higher plane one in desires and hopes. One in commitment and purpose. They have bonded. If practiced correctly the result of such unity is a blessing.

Notice the instruction found in Ecc. 9:9 Live joyfully with the wife whom thou lovest all the days of the life of thy vanity. God wants husbands and wives to live together in JOY all of their lives. Of course sometimes, due to the shortcomings of a mate, that doesn't happen. But, if a person truly knew God and followed what He taught, marriage would be one of the greatest physical blessings given to mankind.

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it. Eph. 5:25. Christ once again has set us a perfect example. The church, (His bride) made up of imperfect individuals, was so precious to Jesus that He gave His own life in sacrifice. If men followed their Creator's instructions and example, they would love their wives as their own bodies. They would be nourishing the relationship. Making sure that their mate's needs were met. So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself. For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherisheth it, even as the Lord the church: Eph.5: 28,29

Wives, if this commandment were obeyed in the spirit, would deeply respect their husbands. And the wife see that she reverence her husband Eph 5:33 last part. As the church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be unto their own husbands in everything. Eph. 5:24 Why give man such power? Is not the woman, in many cases, just as capable of making sound decisions as the man? Of course. In Gal. 3:28 we find, There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus God looks on ALL people as equal. But, God is not the author of confusion. I Cor. 14:33. In any relationship, business or personal, someone must have the final word in matters, otherwise there is no order and confusion results. So it is in the family structure. There must be someone who calls the final shots, even if, occasionally, they make errors in judgment.

Two are better than one. God says in Ecc. 4:9. But warns, What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Mark 10:9 Why? For our own happiness, but also because the family unit of a loving husband as leader, a respectful wife as his helper, and the obedient children that result from that union, shadow the spiritual reality of God's plan for mankind.

Husbands and wives who truly know the LORD will be working to reflect God in their marriages, living, as best as they are able, up to the standards He has laid down through His word.


Numbers Drop for the Married With Children

By Blaine Harden
Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 4, 2007; Page A03

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Punctuating a fundamental change in American family life, married couples with children now occupy fewer than one in every four households -- a share that has been slashed in half since 1960 and is the lowest ever recorded by the census.

As marriage with children becomes an exception rather than the norm, social scientists say it is also becoming the self-selected province of the college-educated and the affluent. The working class and the poor, meanwhile, increasingly steer away from marriage, while living together and bearing children out of wedlock.

"The culture is shifting, and marriage has almost become a luxury item, one that only the well educated and well paid are interested in," said Isabel V. Sawhill, an expert on marriage and a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.

Marriage has declined across all income groups, but it has declined far less among couples who make the most money and have the best education. These couples are also less likely to divorce. Many demographers peg the rise of a class-based marriage gap to the erosion since 1970 of the broad-based economic prosperity that followed World War II.

"We seem to be reverting to a much older pattern, when elites marry and a great many others live together and have kids," said Peter Francese, demographic trends analyst for Ogilvy & Mather, an advertising firm.

In recent years, the marrying kind have been empowered by college degrees and bankrolled by dual incomes. They are also older and choosier. College-educated men and women are increasingly less likely to "marry down" -- that is, to choose mates who have less education and professional standing than they do.

Married couples living with their own children younger than 18 are also helping to drive a well-documented increase in income inequality. Compared with all households, they are twice as likely to be in the top 20 percent of income. Their income has increased 59 percent in the past three decades, compared with 44 percent for all households, according to the census.

As cohabitation and out-of-wedlock births increase among the broader population, social scientists predict that marriage with children will continue its decades-long retreat into relatively high-income exclusivity.

Jim and Michelle Fitzhenry live with their 5-year-old son, John Robert, in a four-bedroom house in a gated community high in the wooded hills west of Portland. Sixteen years ago, when Jim met Michelle, they fell in love because they liked each other's looks -- and loved each other's values.

"What attracted me to Michelle was her kindness and her honesty, but also her discipline, ambition and achievement," said Jim, who has a law degree and an MBA. He is a senior vice president at FLIR Systems, a Portland company that makes night-vision equipment.

Those same personality traits, Michelle said, drew her to Jim. She has a bachelor's degree in business administration and worked for a decade as an executive at Plum Creek Timber Co. in Seattle. The Fitzhenrys, who married 10 years ago, are an example of what sociologists call "assortative mating," the increasing tendency of educated, affluent people to unite in marriage.

When the Fitzhenrys married (he was 42, she was 32), it changed the way they managed their finances, which Jim said had been in a "death spiral" when they were single. Michelle quickly paid off $20,000 in credit-card debt. Jim cut up most of his credit cards and got rid of a BMW convertible.

Among its many benefits, marriage raises the earnings of men and motivates them to work more hours. It also reduces by two-thirds the likelihood that a family will live in poverty, researchers have learned.

"Although we didn't plan it that way and we certainly didn't marry for money, it turned out that a byproduct of the values we both care about has been financial success," said Michelle, who places the couple's annual earnings between $350,000 and $400,000, much of which is invested conservatively.

The marital unions of high earners are a significant factor in the growth of income inequality since the 1970s, according to Gary Burtless, an economist at Brookings. His research attributes 13 percent of the increase in the nation's income inequality to such couples.

The Fitzhenrys said they had no idea marriage with children was becoming an elite institution. "By getting married and having a kid, we just assumed we were doing what everyone else in the country was doing," Jim said. "We thought we were normal."

As far as marriage with children is concerned, the post-World War II version of normal began to fall apart around 1970.

"Before then, if you looked at families across the income spectrum, they all looked the same: a mother, father, kids and a dog named Spot," said Sawhill, of the Brookings Institution.

Around that time, rates of divorce and cohabitation were rising sharply -- and widely publicized.

"What I don't think the public knew then or knows now is that well-educated, upper-middle-class professionals did not engage in these activities nearly as much as less-advantaged families," Sawhill said.

College-educated women, whose numbers have risen sharply since 1980, often live with a partner and postpone marriage. But in most cases, they eventually marry and have children, and divorce at about half the rate of women who do not finish high school.

While the marriage gap appears to be driven primarily by education and income, it does have a racial dimension.

Marriage and childbearing seem to be more "de-coupled" among black people than white people, with about a third of first births among white women coming before marriage, compared with three-quarters among black women, according to a recent review of research on cohabitation. As for children, the review found that 55 percent of blacks, 40 percent of Hispanics and 30 percent of whites spend some of their childhood with cohabiting parents.

Class, though, is a much better tool than race for predicting whether Americans will marry or cohabit, said Pamela Smock, co-author of the review and a University of Michigan sociology professor.

The poor aren't entering into marriage very much at all," said Smock, who has interviewed more than 100 cohabitating couples. She said young people from these backgrounds often do not think they can afford marriage.

Arguments that marriage can mean stability do not seem to change their attitudes, Smock said, noting that many of them have parents with troubled marriages.

Victoria Miller and Cameron Roach, who have been living together for 18 months, are two such people, and they say they cannot imagine getting married.

She is 22 and manages a Burger King in Seattle. He is 24 and works part time testing software in the Seattle suburb of Redmond. Together, they earn less than $20,000 a year and are living with Roach's father. They cannot afford to live anywhere else.

"Marriage ruins life," Roach said. "I saw how much my parents fought. I saw how miserable they made each other."

Miller, who was pressured by her Mormon parents to marry when she was 17 and pregnant, said her short, failed marriage and her parents' long, failed marriage have convinced her that the institution is often bad for children. Shuttled between her mom and dad, she moved eight times before she was 16.

"With my parents, when th eir marriage started breaking down, my dad started to have trouble at work and we spent years on government assistance," Miller said.

Her two young sons live with their father.

"For most Americans, cohabitation will continue to increase over the coming decades, and the percentage of children born outside of marriage is also going to increase," Smock said.


Do you know where the word and tradition of "honeymoon"

Honeymoon comes from an ancient Norse custom, calling
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