Fun & Entertaining Ideas For Wedding Programs

There is always that awkwardness when the guests are seated but there is a delay... usually the bride is not ready yet. To keep your relatives & friends entertained (and not heading back to the bar for a quickie before the ceremony), consider these fun wedding programs.
Usually a boring wedding program has your names, your parents names perhaps, and a schedule of events during the ceremony... really, no one cares. They know you are getting married and the don't really care when you light the unity candles or when your Uncle Jane will read 1st Corinthians. They aren't really following along anyway... and after all the time and expense you put into these programs.
An informative and fun program like this will not only give your guests a chuckle, but also allow them to see your family members in fun characterizations and know their names and perhaps have something to talk with them about during the reception.  


CASTING CALL - ENGAGED couples 55 years old and up

My name is Chrissy & I am a Casting Associate at a production company in Los Angeles called Matador. We are currently casting nationwide for a new follow-doc television show for a major cable network on ENGAGED couples 55 years old and up to follow their journey

to altar. There are so many shows on television about young couples and we want to show viewers that their is NO age limit on love!

We have different story concepts that we want to follow for this docu-series. I have attached a flyer that includes the different concepts.

I'm reaching out to see if you possibly know of anyone that fits the criteria of the show and might be interested in getting more information. Also if you can help get the word out by posting & sharing this flyer, it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me back or call me at (323) 762-2692.

Thank you & have a wonderful day!

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