State of Hawaii Marriage Statistics

The numbers have been released by the State of Hawaii and have compiled the information.  Please find the attached statistics for the island of Maui.


Upcountry Maui

I've lived in Kihei, close to the ocean in South Maui, for 27 years now. I love my town and love to be close to the ocean, the sunsets and my work. But Maui is a very diverse place, there are tropical rain forests, like those in Brazil, volcanic moon like mountain features, rolling pasture lands reminiscent of Colorado,  and even desert areas with prickly pear cactus. I guess I never really visited many of the most diverse areas of Maui unless I needed to go there for work or if friends and family came to visit. I really didn't know what I was missing until I took a Sunday off and whet on a "photo safari" to Upcountry Maui with a close friend.

So, when you are here in Maui, be sure to take some time out from activities and relaxing by the pool, or frockling in the ocean to see the other sides of Maui.

A Guide to Wedding Tipping

How much to tip vendors at your wedding.

Tips are never obligatory―they are supposed to be expressions of appreciation for especially good service. That said, unless the service was terrible, would you walk away from a restaurant table without leaving one? The same applies to weddings: It is customary to show your gratitude by tipping many of the people involved in making yours a success. Here are a few suggestion on how much to tip:
Minister / Officiants  - Usually $40-$60
Photographer / Videographer - Usually $50 - $100 depending on how long your wedding is
Day of Wedding Coordinator - Usually $20 - $60  depending on how long your wedding is
Musicians / Entertainers -  Usually $20 - $60  depending on how long the play for you
Hair & Makeup Services - Usually $40 - $50
Limousine & Transportation - Usually the gratuity is included in the price
Caterers - Usually the gratuity is added in your contract
Other vendors at your wedding - Usually 10 to 15 percent of their services.