Gas Prices Lowest all Year

It was back on April 10th that I posted that Maui gasoline prices were about to reach the $4.00 mark , see http://www.hawaiianislandweddings.com/weblog/2008/04/gas-prices-highest-in-nation , since then gasoline went up to over $4.65 here in Maui! I just went down to the ABC Store, where they sell gas in front, I was amazed that gasoline has come down to $2.99.9! We haven't seen that in years.

Airfare, electricity, food and everything else is affected by the price of fuel. How does this happen? Who is in control of this stuff? Exxon reports a profit of 40 Billion, with a "B". Could it be that we have been lining their pockets all of this time? Did they need a few extra billion this year? And now, how can it come down so much? And so quickly? Whatever the reason, it's a welcome sight to us here in Hawaii.

Although it's come down we are still going to feel the effects for a long time. Aloha Airlines and ATA aren't coming back. I fired my gardiner, he isn't getting his job back. I shut off my iphone, that isn't coming back. This drastic increase in gas has increased our electric bill from $250 to over $400 a month, we aren't getting that money back. Who is becoming rich by raising the price of gas? And why it it always more in Maui that in any other place in America? If you have answers, please let me know.



National security announcement from Barack

Yesterday, President-elect Barack Obama and Vice President-elect Joe Biden announced key members of their national security team.

Barack and Joe have asked some of the country's most experienced leaders on national security, foreign policy, law enforcement, and military matters to come together to renew America's security and standing in the world.

Watch the video of Barack's announcement and learn about the national security team.


Maui Weddings Search Up

It looks as though confidence is being gained in the economy again. Gas prices are down and airfare to Hawaii is now stable. More and more web surfers are looking for that once-in-a-lifetime Hawaii wedding.

Numbers for October are in and it's looking promising again for the wedding industry here in Hawaii, with Maui weddings topping the charts. For some reason our top competition is is not fairing as well as Hawaiian Island Weddings (see graph). Possibly is is because Hawaiian Island Weddings offers the largest variety of wedding packages to choose from in all of Hawaii. Also, because we have all-inclusive wedding and honeymoon packages to choose from on all four major islands. Even the hotels are cooperating by keeping their 2009 prices at or below 2008 rates! This is no doubt due to the slowdown we have been experiencing in Hawaii. So now is a great time to book that wedding in Maui, Oahu, Kauai or the Big Island of Hawaii for 2009.

I think another reason that Hawaiian Island Weddings is showing an increase is the fact that we cater to every budget on all of the major Hawaiian islands. Maui weddings begin as low as $875 (a price that will remain the same in 2009), see our Molokini Sunset Wedding package. This is our most popular Maui wedding package and just right for the couple who are coming by themselves or with a few guests. Where in the United States can you be married for as little as $875? Our Molokini Sunset Maui Wedding or Sunset Maui Wedding Renewal includes everything you need and nothing you don't. Included are:

* Minister of your choice
* Marriage License Arrangements
* On-site Coordinator
* Decorative Wedding Certificate
* Witnesses if needed
* Non alcoholic Toast
* Traditional Hawaiian Leis
* Professional Photography
* 28- 4x6 inch photographs
* White Wedding Album

And choice of Maui Wedding Beach Location, see our Island Locations page for some of the best beach locations in Maui. Keep in mind that there is an additional State beach wedding permit required for all Hawaii beach wedding ceremonies.

2009 is right aground the corner! So book your romantic Hawaiian wedding now for 2009.

Looking forward to making all your island wedding dreams come true on Maui, Oahu, Kauai or Hawaii!

New High End Maui Weddings

High End Maui Weddings


I take it that you are finally getting over your Turkey comma by now. I love Thanksgiving! It's one of the only times of the year that you have an excuse for gaining 5 pounds. I hope you had time off with your families as well.

Hawaiian Island Weddings will be offering new Maui wedding packages in 2009. Not so much a set package, but high-end offerings to include special private locations for your Maui wedding and reception, and of course custom tailored wedding options.

There will not be set prices on these packages, that will depend on the number of guests you bring. These high-end Maui weddings will include a choice of exclusive private wedding locations and complete catered reception. Which ever venue you choose will determine which caterer we will arrange. Deluxe photography packages from a variety of top Maui wedding photographers will be available, as well as your choice of our over 19 Maui wedding ministers and officiants as usual. You can choose from top Maui wedding musicians; from our singer/guitarists, harpists, and violinist, as well as duos and trios and even complete bands.

Since these receptions will take place at very private Maui wedding locations, you will be able to kick up your heels until well after 10 PM. Our top Maui wedding cake baker will arrange the cake of a lifetime for you made to your specifications or listed on our Cake Gallery. And of course, the flowers... our top Maui wedding florist is here to custom arrange your bouquet, your bridesmaid's bouquets, special flower leis for all your guests, as well as ceremony decorations and centerpieces for your reception.

As these high-end Maui weddings will only be arranged for couples who are planning to have more than 20 guests at some of the most exclusive Maui wedding locations, there will be a minimum of $30,000 per wedding/reception... sorry, no Maui beach wedding ceremonies will be considered. We will, of course, continue to offer all of our regular Maui wedding packages on our web site for smaller groups and for beach locations. We want to show you all the top Maui wedding and reception locations available for your, Maui certainly is "No ka oi", Maui is best.

In order to make arrangements for our new Maui high-end wedding offerings, please call us for personal service at 800 368-5502.

Wishing you the greatest of holiday seasons!

With warm aloha,
Tim Clark
Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc.