Gas Prices Lowest all Year

It was back on April 10th that I posted that Maui gasoline prices were about to reach the $4.00 mark , see , since then gasoline went up to over $4.65 here in Maui! I just went down to the ABC Store, where they sell gas in front, I was amazed that gasoline has come down to $2.99.9! We haven't seen that in years.

Airfare, electricity, food and everything else is affected by the price of fuel. How does this happen? Who is in control of this stuff? Exxon reports a profit of 40 Billion, with a "B". Could it be that we have been lining their pockets all of this time? Did they need a few extra billion this year? And now, how can it come down so much? And so quickly? Whatever the reason, it's a welcome sight to us here in Hawaii.

Although it's come down we are still going to feel the effects for a long time. Aloha Airlines and ATA aren't coming back. I fired my gardiner, he isn't getting his job back. I shut off my iphone, that isn't coming back. This drastic increase in gas has increased our electric bill from $250 to over $400 a month, we aren't getting that money back. Who is becoming rich by raising the price of gas? And why it it always more in Maui that in any other place in America? If you have answers, please let me know.


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