Fun Irish Facts:

Magic Handkerchief. This charming custom involves having the bride carry a special handkerchief that with a few stitches can be turned into a christening bonnet for the first baby. With a couple of snips it can be turned back into a handkerchief that your child can carry on his/her wedding day.

An old Irish tradition calls for the couple getting married to walk together to the church together, to exchange their wedding vows. As they walked down the main street, to the chapel, onlookers would not only throw rice to bless the marriage, but larger items as well, such as pots and pans.

The traditional Irish bride might wear a blue wedding dress on her wedding day, believing blue to be a lucky color. English lavender, an herb, is often mixed with her wedding flower. It is traditional for the bride to braid her hair, as this is considered a sacred way to keep feminine power and luck.


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