Is A Valentine’s Day Proposal Right For Us?

The first consideration is whether or not Valentine’s Day is even the right time for a marriage proposal. If your beloved cherishes her individuality and uniqueness, popping the question on the most popular day for such events is not the best approach unless the proposal itself is exceptionally unique. On the other hand, if intimacy and romance is tantamount in your relationship and you never fail to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a special way, a proposal can make the day even more significant.

A key factor in a successful proposal, however, is not to choose a day because of an arbitrary holiday: if the time is right, the proposal will be meaningful and extraordinary, no matter what the date. If that happens to coincide with Valentine’s Day, so much the better, but either rushing or delaying a marriage proposal in order to utilize a holiday can taint the intentions behind the question.

Many couples exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day: stuffed animals, trinkets, cards, and novelty items are among the most popular (after flowers and chocolates, of course). Incorporating an engagement ring and subsequent proposal into that gift imbues it with greater significance and insures that both the gift and the proposal are even more memorable. For example, a simple teddy bear or other stuffed animal can easily convey the gentleman’s intention when the ring is fastened to a ribbon around its neck. For a more delicate approach, substitute a jeweled box for the original ring box and when the woman opens it she will find a glittering gift worth far more than a simple box.

Romantic, candlelit dinners are a staple event on Valentine’s Day, and many upscale restaurants are happy to assist with marriage proposals by arranging private music or presenting the ring with a particular course, such as dessert. While food-oriented proposals may seem unique and ingenious, they are anything but: great care must be taken so that the ring is not soiled by the food, and it should never be placed in a position where it may accidentally be consumed (in a glass of champagne, for example, or baked into a cake). To add uniqueness to a mealtime proposal, consider forgoing dessert in favor of a “sweet surprise” in a more isolated place, or create an individualized ring box in the shape of a dessert treat. Proposing a toast to your united future is another way to propose marriage in conjunction with an intimate meal.

Flowers are one of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, particularly red and pink roses. To make the bouquet truly sparkle, consider tying the ring to the blooms or gently inserting it into the center of a particularly vibrant flower. This must be done delicately, however: if the flowers are handled carelessly, the ring could easily be lost. Unique floral options include replicating a friend’s or relative’s bridal bouquet (preferably one your beloved caught) and presenting the ring with that sentimental arrangement, or customizing a white bouquet in a golden vase to represent the ring itself (choose coordinating colored flowers if using a non-traditional engagement ring such as an emerald or topaz).

Particularly for younger women, Valentine’s Day would not be complete without chocolates. To coordinate a proposal with this decadent treat, buy a gourmet selection but replace one or two pieces in the heart-shaped box with the ring box. If the ring box will not fit comfortably in the chocolate box, ask the sales clerk for a clean paper tissue (the brown cup individual chocolates rest in) and place the ring in the center of the treats. Be sure that the ring will not come in contact with any of the chocolates: the oils will dull the stone’s glitter and make the presentation less astonishing. Be sure to present the chocolates at room temperature – if they have been refrigerated, once the box is open moisture will condense on the cool ring, clouding its brilliance.


Whether you choose a traditional romantic proposal or opt to coordinate with gifts, flowers, chocolates, or meals, a Valentine’s Day proposal is the ultimate in romance and dedication, the perfect gesture for a day devoted to love and the intimate connections between a couple. No matter when you propose, however, the key is that the question comes from your heart, and in doing so it will melt the heart of your beloved and be a treasured beginning to your life together.


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