Top 6 Questions To Ask Your Maui Wedding Planner

1. How long have you been in business?
There are a multitude of wedding companies in Maui. You want to know that you have chosen one that has been in business for some years. .Just as you would not want to use a mechanic who was just out of school, you want to have a wedding coordinator who is experienced and can solve problems if they occur.

2. How many weddings do they arrange in a year?
If they perform a number of weddings a year, chances are that they are a well established company., although, if they arrange too many weddings a year, will you receive the attention that you deserve? Will there be a wedding coordinator assigned just for your wedding?

3. Are they members of any professional groups? Maui Wedding Association? Better Business Bureau? Maui Visitors Bureau? Maui Chamber of Commerce?
The more professional associations your wedding planner is a member of, the more serious they are about they business and their ethics. Associations like the Maui Wedding Association and Better Business Bureau have codes of ethics that they have agreed to. They will take care of their clients and solve issues before they become problems.

4. How much is the deposit is due at the time of booking? A set amount? 10%? 20%? 50%? More?
A wedding company will need a deposit to reserve your date. A reasonable amount is preferred. What happens if you have put down 50% and later find that your wedding planning is not going as planed, not going smoothly, or you are not satisfied with their answers, or they do not return your calls? If you find that you have made a mistake and chosen the wrong company, it’s better to walk away and loose a minimum deposit rather than risk your most special day being a disaster. Most wedding companies will require a minimum deposit to hold your wedding date. Other deposits may be required for holding other services or private wedding sites. These may also involve separate contracts and these additional deposits may also be non refundable.

5. What happens if you must postpone or cancel your wedding?
Be sure that you have in writing what happens when you change your wedding date or postpone your wedding for some reason. Know what to expect if you cancel your wedding altogether. Chances are you loose the money you have already spent.

6. Are you allowed to choose your own minister? Musicians? Photographer?
Most wedding companies will give you a choice of the service providers at your wedding. Some companies may not let you choose the minister or the photographer. It may not be best to decide all the vendors yourself. For instance, it’s important that your photographer and videographer work closely together and in concert. If you have decided on a particular videographer, for example, ask them which photographers they have worked with before. This will cause a lost less hassle on your wedding day.

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