Presidential Elections

Well, with the Presidential Elections less than 3 weeks away now, I thought I'd have to make some comment about it. I was sent this photo today, which sorta sums it all up. I'm sure that you know where I'm coming from. Here in Hawaii we are drastically effected by world problems. First it was the decline of the Japanese tourists due to their economic downfall. Then, there was Desert Storm, no one wanted to go anywhere during that uncertain time. That was nothing though compared to 9/11, which not only stopped wedding plans that week due to the FCC shutting down all flights to and from Hawaii, but also caused many folks to cancel their wedding plans altogether. And then the war(s). We have been in these wars for about 7 years now. What that has done for the wedding business in Hawaii was to cause a steady slow-down. People still came to Hawaii to be married, but they came with fewer guests, down-sized their event, or didn't stay as long.

We made it through each of these disasters, many did not. Now with the economy in crisis, it's really hitting everyone in their pocket. Lay-offs, expensive fuel & food prices, the collapse of Aloha Airlines and ATA Airlines, have all contributed to making Hawaii a far away out-post. Seems only the rich are able to come to Hawaii to be married now. Lately we are seeing many fewer weddings, but the ones we are seeing are sparing no expense.

Many years ago, I saw Hawaii as a dream vacation spot, only obtainable if you had lots of money saved up and some vacation time available at the right time of year. I used to always come in Summer, it's the off season in Hawaii and sure to have some of the best weather. Everyone wanted to come to Hawaii, but few actually made it. Now, it seems, the same is true. When vacations come around, for those who still have jobs, folks are traveling closer to home, Mexico perhaps, or maybe visiting another state like Florida. Most don't have the bucks to vacation here in Hawaii... and that is sad.

When you vote in November, ask yourself if you are better off or worse off than 8 years ago. I'm sure that you will agree that the past 8 years have been the worst in recent history. We really need this Change that is so often talked about. We need lower taxes, we need to put money back in our pockets, we need to again become the richest nation in the world, we need to stop paying for a war that we don't want, can't afford, and didn't ask for. Make the right choice. Aloha!


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