Top 10 Current Wedding Industry Trends

1. Couples are paring down their guest lists in an attempt to cut costs.

2. Outdoor weddings are extremely popular. Natural dcor lessens the need for pricey decorations.

3. Do-it-yourself wedding projects are on the rise among brides who want to save money. Brides are learning to letterpress their own invitations, arranging their own flowers, making their own bouquets, crafting their own placecards, using handmade ring pillows, and cooking edible favors. It is also becoming popular to enlist the help of friends and family with baking, cooking, and sewing.

4. Couples are including non-floral elements, such as feathers, berries, fruit, stones, and more into their dcor. This saves money on more expensive floral options.

5. Couples are using the Internet to create personalized wedding blogs and websites to alert guests to the details of their weddings (and save paper!).

6. Cheesecakes, cupcakes, and specialty desserts are trendy alternatives to the traditional wedding cake.

7. Bolder and brighter colors are fashionable. Brides are also incorporating touches of vibrant color into their style, including brightly hued shoes, sashes, necklaces, headpieces, and more.

8. Couples are growing increasingly interested in discount, vintage, or secondhand options for wedding gowns, jewelry, dcor, and more.

9. All-inclusive honeymoon packages and cruises are popular.

10. Wearing two dresses has become a hot trend for brides. Many brides still plan to shell out the extra cash to have both a wedding gown for the ceremony and a second, short party dress for dancing at the reception.


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