2013 Marriage License Statistics

Information compiled from statistics from the office of State of Hawaii - Office of Health Status Monitoring

The long awaited 2013 Marriage License Statistics are now out!
Overall the statistics are pretty steady although it looks like weddings in Maui have been on the decline by 300 weddings a year since 2011. Weddings are off about 1200 from the hay-days of 2008. The number of marriages in Maui are directly related to the economy. Hawaii is the last to see an increase in revenues  and the first to see them decline. If the economy goes South, you can bet that fewer people will be coming here to be married. It looks like the confidence in the economy has yet to reach us here in the Maui wedding industry. Preliminary data from wedding planners this year are showing an increase for wedding bookings in 2014. Couples are being cautious with their money though and opting not to spend as much on non-essential wedding extras like video, music and transportation, but are continuing to order items like photography, beauty services and receptions. We are hoping that we see this figures increase in 2014 and hoping that 2013 was the low point... but that all depends on the confidence of consumers in our ability to bounce-back from the failing economy and loss of jobs we have been seeing in past years.

For brides and grooms coming to Maui to be married, just be assured that Maui will be one of your best valued wedding destinations now and for years to come. When other mainland wedding venues are raising their rates, Maui remains steady with prices remaining the same from 2011. See you here soon!

Sorry I made this graphic so big it ran over the edge, but we are mainly focused on that past few years.


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