2013 Marriage License Statistics

I have been looking at the 2013 Marriage License Statistics that I posted below, and I was trying to figure out how many wedding companies there are that are successful. There were 5442 weddings in 2013 for non resident couples, that is the number that I'm focusing on. Now we did just 101 weddings or events in 2013, mainly weddings though. I know that there are wedding companies that do arrange 300 weddings or more a year. I wonder how many of these Super Power wedding companies there are. I can't realize that there are more than just a few that do 300 or so weddings a year. Think about it, that is almost every day, but I know that some do many each day. So I assumed there are probably no more than 4 companies that can do this. I'm counting the hotels here also obviously. I also know of at least 2 independent companies that may be doing this many weddings. So, on average, I'm assuming 4.

Now, just a few years back we were doing around 200 weddings each year, so I assume that there are a number of High Power wedding companies out there that do 200 or more weddings each year. Now we had a number of years like this, so I assume that there are more of these high power companies & resorts that can do 200 weddings a year. I'm assuming there are around 8.

Now, there are a number of what I call Normal Power wedding companies & resorts that are doing 100 weddings a year. I know of many of them and I know they are doing well. Sure, there are probably many that do under 100 also but I'm just thinking average here. I have estimated 21 wedding companies and others that are doing as many weddings as we did in 2013.

I'm taking into account that there are also a number of couples that come here to be married and do not hire a wedding coordinator or a resort and just contact a minister to perform their wedding. In my model I m estimating 342 couples come and arrange their own wedding, bring their own minister, or hire a minister alone without using a wedding company. That is about 1 a day... I think that is conservative.

Here are maps of all the major parts on Maui that show companies dealing with Maui Weddings. These aren't all wedding companies, but many are.
This gives you an idea of how I estimated the above data, it also shows that Maui Weddings are very competitive.


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