Wedding Tattoos - Big in 2015

Recently I was looking up new wedding trends for 2015, and came across this little known fact: Wedding Tattoos Are Becoming the Hottest New Wedding Trend! Hummm, so I looked back at the last few years of photos and came up with these tattoo photos. Although they aren't tattoos that brides & grooms got just for their wedding, they definitely wanted them to be seen and even photographed at their Hawaiian weddings.

 Some of our couples have decided to get tattoos on their honeymoon, and have asked us to find them a reputable tattoo shop near their hotel and make that important appointment for them. Most of the time they bring a drawing of exactly what they want, but sometimes they just come up with it on the spot. Although we feel that this isn't something you should choose on the fly. Do some research on exactly what the two of you are thinking about and where you want it. Many couples choose to have a tattoo of a ring (or heart, or the wedding date) on their ring finger. This way they will always feel married even if they don't have their rings on. Here are a few tattoos we have seen at weddings over the years. Thanks to Bruce Forrester and Tim Clark for the photos.

Here are some tribal tattoos from our Hawaiian entertainment group.


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