What Can You Do For Your Business on fiverr?

Ok, I don't usually promote other websites, but this is something that I'm sure many business owners will take advantage of. Although it's not new, actually been around for five years now, the fiverr website has some pretty incredible stuff that you can buy for just

That's right, just $5. What can you get for $5 now-a-days? Perhaps a 1/2 gal of milk, or a draft beer, or little more than a gallon of gas. Here are a few examples of what $5 can get you on fiverr.

A professionally Narrated Audiobook for $5

This professional voice-over artist will read 200 words and give it to you in a professionally recorded mp3 file for use on your website, blog, etc. The guy's voice is amazing, and for $5 how can you go wrong. He will even add background music for just $10 more.

A custom business plan in 24 hours for $5

Have you ever tried to sit down and write a business plan? It's time consuming and tricky to get it just right where you present it to a bank to get that all-important business loan. I remember mine was like 14 pages (hand written with graphs & tables) and took me weeks. This woman will write you a professional business plan starting at just $5 and deliver it to you within 24 hours. The, simple 2 page plan is $5 but she will do a more elaborate one for $15 or $25. You can't beat that with a stick.

Level I: Simple (two pages): $5
Strategy and Implementation Summary
Market Analysis Summary
Bonus 24 hour delivery 

Level III: Complete (below) + Cover Letter: $25
Executive Summary
Company Summary
Stakeholder Management
Products, Services and Competition
Market Analysis Summary
Strategy and Implementation Summary
Management Summary
Financial Templates

I will use stopmotion and pacman to convey your message or logo for $5

Ok, this is is just crazy and fun. This guy from South Africa will make a stop motion pacman video with your company name, birthday greeting, anniversary, get well message, or any video message you can think of. It full color with that pacman "eating" sound. Truly amazing and for only $5. Additional for more words or if you want the ghosts moving. He will also do claymation videos, see one at  http://youtu.be/aW8DZO-Ydlw


I will sing twenty words in a female vocal harmony style for $5

Not hooked yest? This chick form the UK will sing 20 words complete with a personal song she will make up just for you. It's extra if you use it for radio or for business advertising. She will even make you a personalized ring jingle for your phone! She is very talented, and for only $5!

I will create a Whiteboard Animation for $5

This guy is a talented artist and will do a whiteboard graffiti drawing for you for only $5. Give him some specifics and a few days and you will have a 150 word 60 second animation in HD video, and all for just $5! What you will get for the $5?
A Black & White video up to 150 words (60 sec of HD Animation);
Background Music;
Free Revisions (but not to many, the voice over revision is not free!);
Delivery time is 6 days.

I hope that I have given you some inspiration and hope you will look into this. No, I'm not making any commission in promoting this website, just wanted you to be aware of it's existence and share the fun.


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