Deanna's Special Family Portraits

Deanna is a old friend of ours who lived in Maui since 1988 and currently lives in San Diego. Her husband, Johnny, passed away in late 2014 of pancreatic cancer. He battled his cancer for 4 years and was in and out of the hospital during that time. Johnny is survived by his wife Deanna, daughter Dolly, and sons Josh and Tommy.

This Summer, their family came back to Maui where all their great memories of their life began, all her children were also born here on Maui. So, Deanna decided that Maui would be the best place to scatter the ashes of her late husband. They had a nice get-together of old friends at a nearby South Maui park on July 5th. It was a great "Celebration of Life" for Johnny and included BBQ hot dogs, chicken, and all the fixings. I was happy to see many of the old friends that I had missed over the years, as well as Deanna's family, who held a special place in our hearts.

So, since we wanted to do something nice for her and her family, I decided to invite them to have family portraits taken. On July 7th, we met at Ulua Beach, which is my favorite place for portraits, for their special family pictures. Here are a few of the photos that resulted. In memory of Johnny U., you will be missed.

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