2015 Marriage License Statistics

Each year we in the wedding industry anxiously await the statistics for the numbers of marriage licenses that have been issued statewide and for Maui.   Statistics show that marriage licenses for non-residences in 2015 were down 291 weddings from 2014. Although, 2014 was the highest year in Hawaii marriages since 2011.

Statewide total marriages were down 2352 weddings from last year with only 22778 weddings performed. Still over 1/3 of all weddings in Hawaii happen on Maui.

Gay weddings didn't boom like we had assumed. There were only an average of 40 gay weddings per month on the island of Maui in 2015, down 68% from 2014. In 2014, there were the highest number of gay weddings on Maui, at a whooping 717 gay weddings being performed on the Valley Isle. Statewide gay weddings were down 61% from 2014 with only 1656 weddings being held, compared to 2706 in 2014.

We are hopeful that weddings here in Maui will rebound to 2014 figures, although since it's an election year, and the certainty of a prosperous economy is in question, 2016 weddings may be stagnant.

See the Stats at Marriage License Statistics on our website.



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