Why Couples Choose Their Wedding Date

(This was taken by information from an email from Wedding Wire. I do not have a webpage for this info)

Insight Into Why Couples Choose Their Wedding Date

Photo By Tim Clark (c) 2016

While 37% of engagements occur between November and February, 76% of weddings take place during the summer and fall months. In fact, 25 dates made up 50% of all weddings in 2015 (and you guessed right, they were all on Saturdays!). There's a ton of competition between clients for those coveted dates, and understanding the many reasons why a couple selects their wedding date can help you book those dates early. Find out which factors go into the decision to choose a wedding date, and see data about which months and days are most popular.

Our research shows that the top ten most popular factors that influence when couples choose a wedding date are:

Convenient for the couples and families
Sentimental date (i.e., anniversary date)
Venue availability
No clear reason
Liked the date
Convenient based on engagement length (i.e., enough time to plan)
For financial reason
On a holiday

Beyond those considerations, 74% of couples know vendor pricing may differ based on day of the week or season – which could also come into play when selecting a date if the couple is on a tight budget. And for those considering a destination wedding, choosing a date has a whole different set of considerations than those couples getting married locally. Our data indicates that 14% of U.S. couples have a destination wedding, and of those, 11% have a wedding at a destination within the U.S. and 3% travel internationally (mostly to the Caribbean).

Once the ceremony and/or reception venue is booked and the date is set, there is a general expectation that all other vendors need to work within that schedule. Since most couples hire 10-13 wedding pros, availability is a key criterion for choosing which pros to contact. However, don’t forget that other factors affect who a couple contacts – most importantly price, reviews, and location.


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