Stressed Out With You Wedding Planning

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Making sure you have enough energy to pull off your wedding-planning and wedding means you will need to plan for wedding timeouts as well. These are not frilly extras that other brides do. These timeouts are important parts of the wedding planning.

1. A Stressed Out Bride
If you get too stressed out over your wedding planning, you will start to stress out those around you. It’s up to you to keep the fun in this special event. There is a fine line between a stressed out bride and bridezilla. If you feel you have too much to do before the wedding to take a time out, you are already past the point of needing one. If you’re having nightmares about flatware and table covers, it’s time for a wedding-planning break!

2. A Strained Relationship
If you and your partner only speak of the wedding while you are with each other, there might be some strain there. The two of you need to remember why you are getting married in the first place. Spend some quality, non-wedding-talk time together. Go out on a date night, or stay in for a romantic night for two.

3. A Proper Perspective
Your wedding, in spite of the best wedding-planning, may (gasp!) not be perfect. There is no amount of planning that will keep the unexpected from happening. You simply have to realize that your over planning is just wearing you and everyone else out. If you take a girls night out, you will strengthen your friendships with them.

4. Fresh View
Let’s face it, some of us get so wrapped up in the details we forget about the big picture. That’s where fresh eyes come in. You forget about the wedding for one evening a week and, the next day, you will have a fresh pair of eyes to envision your dream wedding! As a bonus, you will strengthen the love you have for each other, if you choose to spend it together.

5. Remembering What It’s Really About
When you take the time to forget about all the details of the wedding, you remember something much more important. The love that brought the two of you together. The love your friends and family show by supporting your wedding and marriage. That’s the big picture. This is a celebration of love. The coming together of two hearts to make one home.

6. In Conclusion
Your wedding-planning can take over your whole life, if you let it. Make sure you keep control of your life by taking wedding-planning timeouts. Do this one thing for you and for your wedding party. They will be glad you did.

Try to have as much fun with your wedding-planning as you can. After all, your wedding is a special time for the celebration of love and happiness with the coming together of two families. Your focus needs to be on enjoying these special moments before the wedding. Yes, you want your wedding to be perfect, everyone does, including your wedding party.


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