Common Mistakes Brides Make During Wedding Planning

10 of the most common mistakes brides make while planning, so you know what to look out for when prepping for the big day.
What to Avoid:
- Announcing your engagement on social media right away; take the time to inform close friends and family first.
- Making decisions (especially venue and catering selections) before creating a guest list. It’s important to know the rough size of your wedding so there’s enough room.
- On a similar note, though the average turnout can be expected to be 80% of your guest list, you cannot guarantee that and should not invite more people than can fit in your venue, or than you can afford.
- Getting started on planning before you’ve figured out your budget is an easy way to go over your spending limit.
- Be sure to carefully read and negotiate your vendor contracts so you know you’re getting everything you expect.
- Not having a “Plan B” in case of rain can lead to a disaster for outdoor nuptials.
- Overestimating your DIY skill set is likely to cost more time and money than simply buying or commissioning what you were hoping to make.
- Ordering a dress in too small of a size doesn’t mean you will fit into it; it’s easier to alter a dress that’s too big than the other way around. Besides, you should not try crash diets in an attempt to completely change your body anyway.
- Don’t forget to break in your shoes, otherwise you’ll spend the day in pain instead of bliss.
- It may be your day, but it’s also your future spouse’s day, and both of your families likely care deeply. Ignoring all of their opinions starts everything off on the wrong foot.


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