Hawaiian Island Weddings 16 Year Analysis of Trends

We started talking a lot about how the real estate crash as an effect on Hawaiian Island Weddings and the growth or loss involved with each president in office. George W. Bush was in office 2000 - 2008. There was not much decline in number of weddings post 911, even though we were in wars, people felt safe traveling to Hawaii. The sharp decline in revenues after 2008 is a direct response to 6 million people loosing their homes and 8 million people being put out of work.

During the Barack Obama presidency from 2008 - 2016, we see a recovery in 2010 where, although we are only doing slightly more weddings, revenues are higher as people are spending more money on their weddings. This peeks in 2012 but declines from 2013 - 2015. We can't say this is all caused by the economy, as there are other factors involved, such as millennials doing more searching from social platforms and Google search results resulting in fewer bookings.

2016 shows an upswing in both weddings & revenues. 2017 has started out promising with approximately 55 weddings on the books at the start of 2017. Being that the average number of weddings per year has been around the 100, and with the February engagement season just around the corner (Valentine's Day is the second most popular engagement season after Christmas & New Years) we are hoping for an increase in the number of weddings over the 2008 - 2016 flat era.    

Hoping for continued upswing in 2017 under the Donald Trump administration. How can we use the tactics that got Trump elected to convenience more couple to be married in Hawaii. 

Graphs show years 2001 - 2016

The Gen Xers are on the decline and are not the ones who are getting married. The Millennials are moving back in with their parents, have high college debt, and are don't see any financial benefit from being married, and can't afford to have children although, they must be having children as there are 69 million post millennials (no name for them yet), but can they afford to come to Hawaii to be married.

LGBT Couples gained the right to legally marry in June 26, 2015. Although it was legal to marry in Hawaii in 2014.
Hawaiian Island Weddings performed 12 same-sex marriages in 2014 (12% of our total weddings), but only 6 in 2015 (8% of our total weddings). Since it was legal throughout the country in 2015, couples chose to be married at home. In 2016 we performed only 1 same-sex wedding (less than 1% of our total weddings).  Even though our website "Hawaii Gay Weddings"
( http://hawaiigayweddings.org/ ) comes up #1 in Google search for the term Hawaii Gay Weddings.


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