The Maui Wedding Association 30 Sec. TV Commerciat

Back in 2009, I believe,  I produced this 30 second TV commercial for the Maui Wedding Association. Since then, it had been deleted from the MWA website files for "acting up" with the website apparently.  Since in personal computer years, this was like a million years ago, and since it was no longer available on the internet - I searched, and even the OC16 TV people had not archived it... probably cus it was a commercial,  I had to resurrect two very old computers that I believed it was archived on. Low and behold (does anyone still say that? Showing my age here I guess), I found it in my ancient desktop. God I wish I could have saved that old Doom game I had from years ago too.

Anyway, I tried plugging in my external hard drive but the computer couldn't load the driver for that, and since it's not online, it couldn't search for the correct driver (boy, that's always a headache), so I plugged in an old ScanDisk flash drive, I think one of the first ones ever made, since I knew this computer had used that before. So, that said, here it is. Anti-climactic I suppose.


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