How to Sleep When You're Dealing with Pre-Wedding Jitters

Planning a wedding is stressful. It gets even more stressful when you are planning a destination wedding in someplace beautiful like Belize. Here are some ways that you can make sleeping easier on your circadian rhythm and body while you plan your perfect day.

Plan Ahead for Travel
Planning ahead is key when you are planning a destination wedding. You have to know how you are getting there, how all of your belongings are getting there, and how to make sure that everything ends up in the right place. You then have to know how everything is going to get back to where it needs to be.

If you can, you should hire someone on the ground in your destination to help coordinate all of the things that need to get done. This could be a wedding planner, a day of coordinator or just someone that you know in the area. It will help make everything whole lot easier in the long run, though it might be a little bit costlier than expected.

Sometimes, brides struggle to keep themselves in the moment, instead worrying about all the things they have to do to make the wedding happen. If this is you, you should try doing some sort of meditation. There are all sorts of apps, videos and guided lists that can help you figure out ways to meditate that works best for you and your brain. Some people require more exercise, while others need absolute silence. Either way, it can do some real good for you.

Light Exercise

If you find yourself struggling with pent-up energy or feeling restless, try doing some light exercise like yoga or a light jog around the block. This will give you a slight burst of energy to finish getting ready for bed, and allow you to feel tired enough to go to sleep by using up that energy.

Yoga in particular has been found to be incredibly helpful in dealing with stress. Figure out what kind of exercise works best for you and your lifestyle. You can even find a type of exercise that’s fun for you to do with your partner and make it a part of your life going forward.

Make Sure Hotel Has Everything You Need

When you have a destination wedding, you need to make sure that the hotel that you choose to stay in while you are there, or that you can mail the things that you need to yourself before you arrive.

Things Such As:
-The Right kind of pillows
- hypoallergenic linens & pillows
- Air purifiers
- White Noise Machine
- Your Favorite before-bed beverages like calming teas, etc.
- Everything you need for your bedtime routine

Spend Time With Your Partner
Last, but certainly not least, spend some quality time with your partner. Remember, there’s a good reason that you are marrying this person. Many of your woes can be solved simply by talking them with the love of your life and finding a solution that works for both of you.


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