Messenger is the New Email

The header tells the whole story... Messenger is in and Email is out.
"More than 89% of users access Facebook on their mobile devices and they check Facebook 14 times a day. Those people have an intimate relationship with Messenger."
How often do you check your email? And with Gmail, many times the important stuff with attachments goes to their spam folder. 

Messaging apps have surpassed social networks.

Now is the time to get our communication into the 2020's. Add a messaging widget to your website so your customers can contact you in real time.

I've been using email for 27 years now, ever since the start really. You would send an email, wait usually a day or so for a reply, sometimes weeks for a reply. We thought, "This is great!", "So much faster than snail mail!". Well, I'm here to say that email is going the way of the dinosaurs , it's not extinct, but it's being used less and less for communication. 

I guess it all started with Mark, the "Z" man, Facebook creator, wanted to keep people on his platform and let them communicate. It's not a new idea, AOL did this years ago with online chat, and we all know how that turned out. Facebook had a solution, you can only chat with those you know. But somewhere along the line, we could chat with those we didn't know well. I remember, you could look someone up on FB, but you couldn't send them a message unless they agreed. I think it said something like, "We sent and email to them, if they accept, your message will be sent, but they probably won't read it.

For instance, if you send a message to Mark Z. It says, "You and Mark aren't connected on Facebook", so, does the message go through, probably not. You have to agree to be messaged, and that's a good thing. Who wants all the spam, like you get on email?  BTW, did we sign up for all those spam emails, NO. There is a rule that they don't have to ask you if it's OK, when they steal your email address. 

Well, privacy, it seems is getting more loose. If you sign into a website with your Facebook login, they can start sending you ads. So, they sorta tricked you there. There are privacy policies on top of privacy policies. We really don't know what we signed up for. All those "agree to our privacy and terms" check-boxes we check as a matter of course, you get the picture.

I guess I got off on a tangent there... what I really wanted to show was that we, Hawaiian Island Weddings, are implementing Messenger as the new way of communication to our couples. 

Now, you can instantly ask us a question that will be answered pretty much immediately. 
The new messenger box is also on our booking for page, as many people go to that page but don't convert, as, as I assume, they really have questions. Ordering a wedding is not like ordering a pizza, although today's couples would like to see it that way. 

So, if you would like to message us, just go to >  Here is the link. 

Peace Out!


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