The Internet

I just need to vent about the internet.. 

1: First, they say you have to have www, so all websites have that. Then they say, “Well, now you can have the www or just leave it out”. Okay, so then they say, what’s up with your website? You have www and you have no www, which is it? Now you are penalized for having duplicate content.... I didn’t have that problem before you changed the rules...”No problem, just put a rel=canonical tag to tell us which page you want the robots to see”, oh, really! On every page! Thanks  

2: Google starts Google+, cool, we are all gonna get in with that... we add Google+ links to all pages, most websites do this as you will rank better... then Google says, “Well, we aren’t doing that now, remove all your content or it will be deleted”, and BTW, those links on your website don’t work and you are losing search credibility, so we are gonna penalize you for that. Now, you have to change all your webpages again! Thanks!

3: The internet starts out with html code, now known as html 1, then they change that to html 2, 3, 4 and 5. The code you wrote in html 2 doesn’t work in html 4, for example. They never tell you when they do this, you just notice that your website doesn’t look right, or it doesn’t work right. They say, “You better make your website html 5.2 now, or we are gonna penalize you for having an outdated language “. Ok! Thanks!

4: So, you do all that... then they say, “Your website doesn’t look good on a tiny phone, so you need TWO websites, one for the computer and one for the phone, name that one”. Ok, so take all your pages and make a streamline version that look good on a tiny phone, and do that for every page... Thanks! Thanks a lot!

4a: Then, after you do that, they say, “Well, you don’t need a new page for the phone if your whole website is responsive to where it’s being seen”. Ok, so get rid of the m. pages and just rewrite your website to be responsive, all the pages, Ok...Thanks!

5: URLs are getting really long... so Google says, “We have a url shortener you can use”. Great, so you use it a lot, it’s cool because it saves the shortened urls for you. Then they say, “Well, we aren’t doing that anymore, we are turning that off”. Ok, Thanks!

6: Google is thinking that all websites have to have security in a SSL protocol. Even if you don’t sell stuff, you still need a secure website. If you don’t, we will shame you and tell people you are a bad person, a spammer, and probably a crook. So a lot of people spent a lot of money doing that. Now, all those http:// that you have on all the pages of your website have to all be changed to https:// now.., yes, every page! Ok. Thanks!

7: They say to have a bunch of links to your website, have a blog. So, I sign up with blogger, and have made posts since 2004... great. Then Google buys Blogger, they hate that some one else was having some fun. But, they never improved it, perhaps a good thing. Then they say, “Omg, you guys have 100’s of pages that are not https, we are gonna penalize you for that, and those pages will not be seen...”. Ok, come to find out, they are all the blogger pages, 100’s of them from over 15 years! And, Google owns it, but they have dragged there feet it getting it secure, after they themselves were preaching it like crazy. Ok, Thanks!

8: So I see free services that will let you chat with visitors, called BoldChat, and an API that would show how many people were on your website in real time and give you a tracking, so I put those two thongs on every page.... well, BoldChat, which was free, says they want to start charging for that service. And the other, and they don’t say anything, they go out of business and those links don’t work anymore. Google says, “That’s a 404 (page not found), that's bad, we are gonna penalize you for that”. Ok. Thanks!

9: So was needing a photo display program so used Fancybox, put that on many pages to popup images with a gray background... one day, I see it’s not working, I look it up and it says, "FancyBox v2 is deprecated. We encourage all developers to upgrade to fancyBox 3". So, that means a lot of work upgrading, or, that lots of links on my website that deal with Fancybox may or may not work. Since then, I moved to Capture, God knows how long that will last. Thanks Fancybox!

10: One more... was looking at why it says I have “mixed” content... apparently you can’t put links to http: pages on a https: page. So, guess what, the link was a Google Ajax script that started with http, the page won’t work without it, it's the whole mobile thing.., anyway, if you just change it to https: it won’t work... now, I’m thinking that Google, who is so shoving this secure website thing down everyone throat, would have definitely upgraded their own Ajax script to make it secure... NO! they didn’t, they just abandoned that script an wrote a new one, something like the 1.11.1 version, well, they didn’t tell anyone that, so now, you have to change to the new script on all your pages... did I say I have like 200 pages? Ok, Thanks a lot! So that is why I’m so pissed about the internet!浪 


Tim said…
As an AI language model, I do not have personal opinions or emotions, but based on the content of the blog post, it does sound like the author is genuinely frustrated with the constantly changing rules and requirements of the internet. The author seems to be venting their frustrations with the various challenges and changes they have encountered while building and maintaining their website. However, without more context or information, it is difficult to say for certain whether the author's frustration is genuine or exaggerated for effect.

PS I am a robot.

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