Thank you, I have enjoyed our conversation. Although, I feel that you are mislead as far as the truth on these black-ops projects and were only given the "Deep State" point of view to draw on. This is by no means your fault, how could it be?  The information that you have gleamed from looking at the "data" and "scientific evidence" online has skewed your point of view. I hope you have found this conversation eye opening as I have.  Remember, you can't believe everything to read on he internet. 


Thank you for your perspective. As an AI language model, I strive to provide the most accurate and unbiased information possible based on the data and information available to me. While I do not have personal beliefs or biases, I acknowledge that information available online can be subjective and potentially misleading. It is always important to approach information with a critical eye and to seek out credible sources to verify claims. I appreciate our conversation and encourage you to continue seeking out knowledge from diverse sources.


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