"Find Your Photos"

Aloha ,

Your wedding photos are now available on-line at
http://www.hiw.photoreflect.com, this link is also on our home page in the drop down box under > "Find Your Photos".

To choose the photos that you would like for your album, check the check
box under to the photos that you want, then click on "add to album" (you
will need to title your album, like your names, leave the password
blank). Then you can view your album, edit it, see a slide show of all
the photos in your album, and be able to email it to family & friends.
Please email the album to me at info@hawaiianislandweddings.com so that I can make
these photos up for you. I will send you the photos and the photo album
for them.

The wedding package that you have already paid for usually includes 28 4x6 inch
photos. Any additional photos may be purchased for $5 each. So if you
include say 40 photos in your online album, the additional cost will be
$60.00. I will send you a bill for any additional photos. Payment must
be received before the additional photos will be shipped.

Anyone you know can order photos or enlargements from this website with
their credit card, so send them you album and let them know.

I sincerely hope that you enjoyed your wedding and these photographs. If
you have any questions please call me at 800 368-5502 or email me at

Wishing you two all the happiness that life has to offer!

With warm aloha,
Tim Clark


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