Helpful Hints

Helpful Tips For The Bride & Groom
By Sheri Clark

- Your plane has just touched down in Maui and your wedding is just days away. The lovely "wahine" at the rental car agency has handed you the keys to the convertible, words like "aloha" and "mai tai" are starting to roll off your tongue and for some reason the two of you just can´t stop smiling. Beginning at this moment, the following beauty and grooming tips are offered for both of you, some obvious, some "only in Maui".

- If at all possible, stay out of the sun until after your wedding. With the top down, the tropical sun will burn you in the short half-hour drive from the airport to the resorts as well as just taking a stroll down the street. And even as professional as our photographers are, they are powerless to remove seat belt strap lines from your wedding photographs. If however, the lure of the beach proves irresistible, cover yourselves all over with the highest sunscreen you can find.

- Also, the bride should check her bathing suit straps again her wedding gown you probably didn’t think about this. If you have a strapless wedding dress and new bathing suit strap marks, you are going to wish you went topless. The bride and groom should be aware of neck and shoulder burn from tank tops while cruising around the beautiful island.

- Avoid hair styles that leave loose strands hanging down the sides of your face. While these hair styles are flattering in the hair salon, as soon as you walk outside to your wedding site, you will be confronted with Maui’s secret to a balmy climate the island trade winds. And again, while wedding photographers can restage formal poses, they are helpless if the bride has loose hair blowing across her face during the ceremony. While the trades are wonderful for blowing away tropical heat and humidity, they can turn a veil into a sail. An alternative to the veil is the beautiful Haku head lei which Maui brides wear on the top of their heads. The flowers are both flattering and traditional.

- Pedicures and manicures for the bride should be done the day prior to her wedding, thus insuring her beautiful hands and feet do not get smudged before the big day.

- Don’t forget the groom! Before the wedding the groom should join his bride for a manicure. During your ceremony, one of the shots the photographer will be most diligent about is the exchange of wedding rings. In fact, to ensure a memorable photo, many photographers will have you rehearse putting on the rings before the ceremony. When the camera zooms in for a close-up, you can both be assured your hands will be as attractive as your rings.

- Location versus the style of shoes worn. Many brides who are being married on a beach are often confronted by their high heels getting stuck in the sand and sinking into the sand, which can ruin a gorgeous pair of shoes. Keep the heels in the car and bring sandals to wear if at a beach location.

- After your ceremony you probably will want dinner. Wedding companies can offer a number helpful suggestions to many fine dining establishments, and of course make the reservations, or arrange a romantic dinner on the beach for you and your guests.

- If you are thinking of a luau after your wedding, it is usually not possible if you are having a sunset ceremony, as they both start at the same time. Usually it is best to plan a luau either before your wedding day or after it.



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