Here is a little about Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc.

  • We have been in business here in Maui for 25 years
  • We have arranged over 3021 weddings & events.
  • We perform weddings on all four major islands.
  • We have over 30 wedding packages to choose from, and 10 wedding & honeymoon packages.
  • We have over 200 wedding professionals we have used on our vendor list.
  • We have a 5.0 star rating with Yelp & Google and a 4.8 star rating with Wedding Wire.
I've often wondered how to rank  wedding companies to find out where we stand. Rather than how many weddings each one does, or how much money they make (which is impossible to find out and doesn't really determine how good they are).

So, I've looked at the WeddingWire Bride's Choice Awards, which are awarded annually to the wedding company who has the most 5 star reviews in the year. Most all serious wedding companies are listed with WeddingWire and understand it's importance. The Bride's Choice Awards are given to the top 5% of wedding companies, each year there are only a handful that receive it. Here is a list of wedding companies throughout all of Hawaii that have received it.

These listings are alphabetical. So, I figured that if you ranked these by how many reviews they have total, you could come up with a ranking. Now, just because they have more reviews doesn't mean they are better, it was one way to ranking them. Using this strategy, for the winners this year (2018 Awards), for All of Hawaii, Hawaiian Island Weddings, Inc. come in #16, and for Maui alone, #8.

As you know, there are probably 100's of companies & hotels that do weddings in Hawaii, no one can pin down the exact number as there are new one's everyday and some go out of business each year. We can be pretty certain that we are among the top 20 wedding companies in Hawaii and perhaps the top 10 in Maui.

We feel really good about that, and give 100% of ourselves to our wedding couples, see what they are saying in our Reviews.

Aloha, Tim


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