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Well, it's been some time since I've posted on our blog. Sorry, we've been so swamped booking weddings this season for 2016 & 17. Although, now I have a subject that a lot of couples have been asking about lately. Many of these photos are on our Facebook page, but since they are all over the place, and my posts don't include the names of the locations, I thought I'd make a concise post were you can see many of the most popular ones.

First, let me preface this by saying that all beaches in Hawaii are beautiful! You can be assured that if Hawaiian Island Weddings suggests a beach for you, it will be beautiful.


Most beaches on the South & West shores of Maui have great sunsets year round. The differences are that some are by hotels or condos, some are secluded, some can be crowded, some have restrooms, most secluded beaches do not have facilities. South shore beaches can be affected by high surf in the summer, West and North facing shores are affected by surf in the winter, also these beaches are more susceptible to rain in winter. South beaches are best in winter because we have a 10,000 foot volcano in our backyard that prevents weather from coming over to the South side. A Beach Wedding Permit is required for all weddings, renewals of vows, blessings, and memorials on beaches. Some packages include this and some do not.


PALAUEA BEACH - " WHITE ROCK" located in Wailea just South of the Kea Lani Hotel, Palauea Beach is a large white sand beach with 180 degree views of Kaho´olawe, Molokini and the West Maui Mountains. This location is perfect for couples who have over 10 guests and want to be married on the sand. Since the beach is not by any hotels, and is not listed on visitor maps, it affords a more private setting. This is a great location for sunsets year round. A permit is required

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Secluded  Beach   Beach Portable



MAKENA SURF BEACH #2 - called number 2 because there is no real name for this very small secluded beach. Located to the South side of the Makena Surf condominiums in Makena. A small private parking lot for 7 cars is accessed through a gate on the South end of the Makena Surf property. A short paved pathway leads you to the smallish beach which is surrounded by lava rock. This is a very secluded location for small groups who want the most private location. This is a great location for sunsets year round. A permit is required

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Secluded  Beach  High Surf Possible in Summer



MALUAKA BEACH is located in front of the Makena Beach and Golf Resort in Makena, Maluaka Beach is a beautiful large white sand beach which has restroom facilities. Since this spot is becoming popular for wedding ceremonies, we can not guarantee there will not be other people there. Weddings are performed on the beach with views of Molokini - the sunken crater island, as well as the West Maui mountains and offers great sunsets year round. A permit is required.
 (This beach may not be available much longer due to development at Makena Golf Resort.)

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Beach RestroomSecluded  Beach



KEAWAKAPU BEACH is a long beach which stretches from the Mana Kai Resort South to private homes located at the far end of the beach. There are entrances from the North or South sides. Since this beach is located in front of hotels and many condominiums, it is rather busy with beach-goers everyday. Many couples choose this beach when they have many guests (up to 75 or more) because it offers good parking and is large enough to accommodate larger groups. Other couples prefer it if they are staying at the Mana Kai Resort, or because it is walking distance to dinners at Sarento's and Five Palms Restaurant. Sunsets are great here year round. A permit is required.

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Beach Restroom




MAKENA COVE BEACH located past Big Beach in Makena between two residences. Since this spot is somewhat hard to find, we will lead you there on your wedding day. The smallish white sand beach is bordered by lava rock outcroppings on either side. Sunsets are great from this beach especially in winter and afford views of Molokini, the sunken crater island. Weddings are performed on the beach or between lava rocks with the ocean in the background or on the beach. Since this spot is becoming popular for wedding ceremonies, we can not guarantee there will not be other people there, it could be very crowded with weddings. Due to State laws, we are limited to 10 guests at a wedding at this location. A permit is required.

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High Surf Possible in SummerVery Possible Crowded



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