Poll Regarding Civil Unions in Hawaii

The Civil Union bill has been signed by the Governor of Hawaii and is now law. Marriage license agents statewide will be issuing Civil Union licenses come January 1, 2012. In order to determine which vendors will be open to performing at, arranging, or photographing civil union ceremonies, we have conducted a poll. Here was the question:

Marriage license agents will be issuing Civil Union
licenses from marriage license offices 
statewide. I don't know what this means yet and
it brings up a lot of questions. Like:
1. Is a ceremony required?
2. Is a minister's signature required?
I have already been told by a few ministers
that they will NOT perform such ceremonies
because of their religious beliefs. I think
this thing is going to enrage the religious
community.  My question is, will you be 
performing Civil Unions? 
Here are the results we have received (above).


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