Results of Poll Re: Civil Unions

Hi Tim,
I just had a phone conversation with Mary at
the Marriage License office on Punchbowl St.   
She says,  1. Is a ceremony required?  YES
2. Is a minister's signature required?   YES
Yikes, It's pretty much the same as what's
involved with a marriage.
There's a lot about it in today's Honolulu Star
Advertiser...  "The law grants all couples 
regardless of sex the ability to enter into 
a civil union, a legal status with the rights
, benefits, protections and responsibilities 
of traditional marriage."
Right now I'm also learning about the concept
and what's involved.  Not sure where I stand
at this point, and glad I haven't had an 
inquiry as yet. I'm also relieved that this
doesn't go into effect until January 2, 2012. 
That's the first day the paper work can be done.
Thanks for asking Tim.
Tinker (coordinator Oahu)


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