Results of Poll Re: Civil Unions

Thanks for sharing this, Tim. I believe Kolleen has (or shortly will) be looking into these concerns herself.

In regards #1 "ceremonies" have never been required, even for weddings, if a licensed officiant simply signs off on the paperwork for the couple. #2: I would assume (actually, guess) that there must be an
"authorized" someone (not the licensing agent) who has to sign off on the deal and send the completed paperwork to the State for processing, "just like weddings." We should have a firm answer on this soon, but if you find out first, pls lettuce know!

As to those who will not take advantage this new opportunity because of their beliefs, great, more biz for us! We have always been pro gay/human rights, and we are truly glad that the Aloha State is finally living up to its name. If this will enrage the religious community, so be it, it's "their cross to bear." (Hopefully they'll get over it.)

Thanks again, Tim,



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