Results of Poll Re: Civil Unions

Aloha Tim...  Thanks for the email.
All of this is brand new with the signing by
the governor yesterday. The Department of Health
has not issued any notices about licensing for
civil unions at this time since it's just signed
and from my understanding, not going into effect
until January, 2012. My thinking is that everything
will be handled the same as a "regular" marriage
so the ceremony could be in front of a judge up 
to the full on ceremony with cake, champagne, etc.
I don't think that the marriage license agents 
will be able to just say that they are legally 
bound by doing the license, but you never know.
    Our company has done a couple of same-sex 
ceremonies that were not legal unions or 
marriages and they turned out fine.  
We utilized officiants who are fine with performing
ceremonies like these.  There are several on
the island that provide this service.
When the process of civil unions in Hawaii
is finalized, we'll most likely offer our location
and services.  We don't know how it's going to work,
until we get the rules.
Mahalo,  Kamika (Fern Grotto) 


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